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Shooting since its first beginnings was associated with strength and manhood. It started as a weapon then developed to be the elite sport.

Islam urged the Muslims to practice shooting sport and made it in par with horsemanship and swimming, as put by Omer Bun Al-Khattab may God be pleased with him:

" Teach your sons swimming, shooting and horsemanship"

Thus shooting remained always with Arabs as source for their pride were it was a weapon for defense and a hobby and sport.

Shooting & Kuwait
The first shooting ranges covering skeet, pistol and rifle ranges were built by Kuwait Oil Company and it was inaugurated by H.H. the Amir Sheik Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah were he was the governor of Ahmadi at that time. In 1959 this club was called "Kuwait Shooting Club".

The first shooting committee was formed on 15/5/1983 by Kuwait Olympic Committee and was headed by the martyr Sheik/Fahad Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah. Since 1986 Sheik/Salman S.S.H.Al-Sabah became the president of Kuwait Shooting Sport Committee. Since the early beginnings of this sport the shooting ranges witnessed considerable expansions and developments, specially when H.H. The Crown Prince & Prime Minister ordered the Olympic skeet and trap shooting ranges complex to be built.

Following the remarkable achievements attained by shooting sport for the country, it was necessary for this sport to take further steps towards independence. The culmination of this was the proclamation of Kuwait Shooting Club and Federation vide the Public Authority for Youth & Sport's decision No.576 dated December 6, 1994.

The First board of directors was formed by the 64 founding members on Monday 23/1/1995. The proclamation of the club as an independent entity devoted for shooting sport only enhanced and developed Kuwait shooters ability and provided them with latest international news and development in their sport.
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